Cooking Mama has been a profitable franchise for Majesco Entertainment, turning touch and movement controls on the Wii and DS into minigames where the titular Mama makes food. The series is about to be bumped up to the next level of insanity though, with the introduction of a new gaming peripheral: a baby doll.

"Developed by Cooking Mama Limited, this innovative simulation game will be delivered with an adorable plush baby doll that the babysitter tucks the Wii Remote into in order to interact with the doll and game at the same time," the information states, rather calmly. That's right, the baby comes complete with a cavity for your game controller.

Are you curious about what you'll do in the game? "Players can enjoy more than 40 activities using the doll and Nunchuk controller: rock the baby to sleep; bounce the baby; feed, bathe, change and play with the baby, plus much more," the release continues. There are six virtual babies in the game, each with their own wants and needs. "The game even supports two-player mode, because when it comes to newborns, Mama could use some help!"

Does this sound fun to anyone? I'm a work-at-home dad; during the day I'm writing and editing stories while parenting our ten-month-old son. On a good day I get to use the bathroom when I need to. On a bad day my eyes glaze over with a thousand-yard stare. I love my kids, but having a baby is a job with no days off, no pause button, and no cheat codes. Turning that experience into a game where the child will never grow up, go to college, and allow you to have a single dinner out with your wife sounds like... fun?

Babysitting Mama is coming to the Wii this holiday season. God help us all.

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