The six Bit.Trip titles were first released for Nintendo's WiiWare platform, where they received critical acclaim, but they failed to take off in the same way as a popular Xbox Live or PlayStation Network game. Nintendo has never been a company to fully support online offerings, so it's great that the games have been collected in both a Wii and 3DS package—called Bit.Trip Complete and Bit.Trip Saga, respectively—so you can buy them all at once without suffering through the Wii's online interface.

Each game plays differently, but the retro aesthetic and mixture of music and graphics brings them all together into a thematic whole. You may be running, playing a psychedelic version of Pong, or even just avoiding colored dots as a growing or shrinking blob, but each game is easy to understand and play. The music is always entrancing, and it syncs up with the action of the screen, making you feel like you're conducting a chiptunes orchestra as you play each game.

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