We live in a time when the Wii is starting to stumble on the sales charts. Sony is pushing what looks like a glowing ice cream cone instead of a next-generation system. Microsoft is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to promote the Kinect, which of course offers gaming with absolutely no buttons.

Has the world gone mad? Of course it has—these days everything is motion controls. Stand up and wave your arms around. Swing a controller instead of hitting a button. Who needs a steering wheel when you can just hold your arms out and pretend you're driving? The days of learning complex button combinations may be coming to an end, replaced by gamers flailing in front of their television.

One brave man named CheapyD is leading the fight against this dystopian, slightly thinner version of our hobby, and he has crafted these posters to show that he won't take it any more. When the noise from the Sony vs. Microsoft bickering is drowned out by the yawns of the gamers who don't care, at least on many gaming blogs, he may have a point.

Fans of Oprah and Ellen? Who knows what they think of all this.

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