Have you ever play Wii Cave Story? If not you should try it. Playing Cave Story is like discovering a fantastic NES game. Cave story will give you a right feeling on Nintendo System. Cave story was released a few years ago on the PC and it became a cult classic overnight. For those who are not familiar with Cave Story, it is a game that barrows it gameplay roots from the Metroid series. 

This game is worth notable for so many reasons and really worth buying for. It is considered as the successor of Super Metroid in 2D action. There are also elements of Mario and Mega Man and also shares the insanity of Treasures titles packed in.

Cave Story is a proof that there can be fun boss fight in an action game. It’s story contains a good deal of subtext and imaginative.  It feels like a macabre fairy tale. The game starts with your character, a recon reboot named as Quote with no knowledge as in the dark player.

This game will take you into a rare world where curious race innocent will surely enjoy. In this game you are called Mimiga run free. You wake up in a dark cave with no memory of who you are, where you came from or you’re in that place. I myself is addicted into this game and I really love it. 

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