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The Wii and Kinect changed the world of gaming, but they also opened the door for a whole new level of epic fails. Thanks to YouTube, we've laughed at excited gamers throwing Wiimotes across rooms, falling down gracelessly, and even breaking windows because of the interactive systems. Now it's time to pay tribute to these epic fail heroes.

To honor these overenthusiastic players, our friends at HuffPost Comedy compiled 7 epic video game fails that are totally LOL-worthy. For instance, the gamer in the clip above put a little too much lean into his stance during a virtual ski jump, resulting in a crazy fall that even made his friend crack up. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Check out six more hilarious vids here. Do you have your own epic fail?

Don't fail halfway: Rate these hilarious users' Epic Fails or submit your own for the chance to win!


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