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The introduction of the Nintendo Wii has really changed gaming forever. As such, it has inculcated entertainment alongside with various things you can do with it. Perhaps the best of it was involving a wide array of Wii fitness games in it. This leads eventually to playing a console without sticking to your couch and let your hand do the work.

To date, there are already a wide variety of Wii fitness games in the market. They vary in terms of target muscles and system alongside with the different exercises they want their consumers to apply. Thus, if you are keen on losing weight with your Nintendo Wii, here are top fitness games you can truly enjoy while burning fats.

1.    Wii EA Sports Active. This is one top Wii game should you seriously decide to burn calories. This was released last March 2009. The EA Sports Active includes various training techniques of known fitness trainer Bob Green. He is one sought after trainer for some of the stars we have in Hollywood. This has intense workout routines that include strength training and power cardio. Much more these are literally combined and changed with various routines. As a matter of fact, these workouts are actually designed for women targeting their common body concerns like abs, buns, thighs, arms and waistline. In addition, it even teaches you about physical activity, lifestyle and nutrition. What more can you ask for?

2.    My Fitness Coach. This Nintendo fitness game incorporates a wide array of over 500 different workouts. Hence, you will never get bored since this game for one is loaded. Prior to commencing your workout, it actually asks you questions with regard to your appropriate fitness level. You will then have a virtual fitness coach that will help you throughout the workout giving you pointers every now and then. It will even motivate you to do things better. There’s a flexibility routine, cardio training and even sports workout. Should you wish to track your improvements, it has a calendar alongside the duration of your workout.

3.    Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout. Gold’s gym is one popular fitness game in the market. As such, they even penetrate the Nintendo Wii. However, this primarily focuses on cardio that actually imitates a typical gym workout. This is actually like doing the exercise in their gym itself. You will really need the Wii motion controls here such as the balance board. One important facet of this game is their TaeBo. This tends to let you run in place, do jumping ropes and sit ups. This even provides one non-stop action for one good workout.

These are just the three Wii fitness games you might want to take a look at in case you are desperate in burning fats. Much more, not only will get the right workout for your body you will also be enjoying the game at the same time. Your Nintendo Wii will surely be your personal gym.

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 The Top Wii Fitness Games