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Video games have been considered hazardous to one’s health. After all any player would simply sit and move the joystick while watching the game in real time through the monitor. As such, this disparity is now being broken because of the introduction of the Nintendo Wii. With this, players are suggested to stand and participate in their several fun and useful Wii games intended for everyone.

Wii can be quite physical. Because it allows motion detection of a player, this can be useful in implementing workout exercises that can truly make one healthy. Aside from that, you will surely not be bored because the incorporated games are indeed fun and entertaining. Wii could be your better gym alternative. Hence let me suggest a few fun and useful Wii games that you can do.

1. The Biggest Loser. Just like the reality show in NBC, you too can also lose weight by participating in this game. Your objective would be to lose weight in the process. Hence it contains over 88 exercises that you can perform and there is also a program that you can take.

2. EA Sports Active. Today, you can now play popular EA sports with your Wii. In  here, to achieve that proper and complete body workout, it has special exercises for specific areas of the body. It even has a 20 day challenge in order for you to be motivated to lose weight fast.

3. Wii Fit Plus. You can find different and a wide array of exercise styles that you can choose and do. This also keeps track of your weight, routine and much more. Thus if you want a more in depth exercise, better resort to Wii Fit Plus today.

4. Yoga For Wii. If you think that yoga can only be done outside, better think again. As such, there is already yoga in Wii. In here different yoga postures for your personal fitness will be delivered and shown to you. You can even plot your own yoga course in targeting a specific goal.

5. Jilian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010. If you think that a rigid exercise routine would do wonders on your end, this can be the best game to resort into. In here you are trapped in one island, and the only way to get out is to perform different workouts suggested to you.

6. Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout. For good cardio routine, this would be the most suggested among others. It gives one some scheduled workouts as well as the capability to track your achievements and even fitness improvement.

To date there are still countless games any Wii owner can take and venture into. To name a few there is Mario and Sonic, Skate It, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music, All Star Cheer Squad and much more. As such you can duly enjoy these fun and useful Wii games right in your very own living room.

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 Fun And Useful Wii Games For Anyone