On the back of the Rock Band 2 box for the Wii it shows a picture of a Wii Remote with a number 2 on it. This normally means that the maximum number of players for the game is 2. However, Rock Band’s big feature is the fact that you can play with up to four people. Can you only play with up to 2 people on the Wii version? Is this a typo? Or is there some other explanation?

 How many Wii controllers is the maximum on Rock Band 2 for the Wii?

It is time for me to buy another wii game, which games should I be looking forward to?

 What is the next wii game to look forward to?

My friend gave me a back up of his COD WOW game and it doesn’t work on my wii can you tell me how to make it work, without modding the wii.

 Call of Duty world at War Wii problem?

I know this is not to do with actual horses but i thought putting it in this catagory would give me the best results.

I would like to purchase a Wii game, but I am not sure which ones would be best. I would like it to include riding your horse around, participating in shows and it can’t be too easy. Any recommendations?

 What horse game for Wii do you recommend?

I played a sweet Wii game where you ride cows, racing against each other on a path, jumping over fences and knocking down scarecrows to gain points, being timed. What is the name of that specific game, and what game in the store is it that it is found on?

 What is the Wii cow racing, knocking down scarecrow game called, and what game does it come on?

With experience of other games that come out for wii, xb360, and ps3, ive noticed that wii games are generally worse. How does the Wii compare to the other 2 with this game?

 What is NASCAR The Game 2011 on the Wii like and is it worth buying?

 Trivial Pursuit Wii Game Review

Ok everyone here is my second game of The Price Is Right for the Nintendo Wii. I have a 1 game winnings total of 211. Will I add on to that amount or die trying??? Lets find out!!!

 The Price Is Right Wii Game 2

We have our WII console set up, plugged in, and the wii romotes are on. But, we cannot get it to play the game. We cant even get into Wii channel. How? Please help.

 How do I connect my wii game to my dishtv television?

I love the new application, Any Region Changer. I can download access Japanese and PAL channels and even turn my Wii into a Japanese or PAL Wii. Download:

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 Wii Hack: NTSC & PAL Nintendo Channels

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