If the wii 2 is released in 2010 do you think it will be a whole new console (ex. Gamecube and wii) or an upgrade (ex. DS and DS Lite)

 Wii 2???????????????????????????

The games I have are SSBB, SSBM(melee), Warioware smooth moves, and Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. I also have 2 wii remotes(one without a strap), 2 gamecube controllers and a nunchuck controller. The condition of the wii is practically new. How much should I sell this on Ebay for, maybe Craigslist?

 How much can I sell my Wii for with 4 games, 2 remotes, 2 GameCube controllers and a nunchuck controller?

From engadget: It’s the Wii laptop! We spent the last few weeks (including much time spent over the holidays evading relatives) slaving over this bad boy and finally it’s complete. Check out the features: * 16:9 widescreen LCD, 7-inch diagonal. * Stereo sound * Gamecube controller port * Built-in short range Sensor Bar * Ports for using original Sensor Bar and A/V output jacks (for use on external display) * Built-in power supply and compartment for power cord * Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.7 x 2-inches Starting next Tuesday we’ll be doing a multi-part How-To with detailed instructions for building your own Wii laptop, as well as loads of photos of the construction process. But for now check out the gallery for more detailed photos of the unit, and click on to see some video of the Wii laptop in action.

 Wii Laptop!

This a tutorial on how to add cheat codes to Gecko OS or Ocarina with Homebrew Channel! What you’ll need: Cheat Code Manager (Download link: ) Homebrew Channel SD Card You can get most of the cheat codes here: Happy cheating! And don’t forget to subscribe, rate and comment! :D

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 Wii Hack   How to Add Cheat Codes to Gecko OS

I brought a Wii to a friend’s house, but I only brought Gamecube controllers, because I was planning on playing Brawl. Is there any way to get past the Wii menu without a Wii remote?

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 URGENT reply really fast Wii problem?

I have posted the code here: ***Please post any questions you have there on the forum rather than here on YouTube if the below links don’t help, I rarely check my inbox.*** A demonstration of what you can do with dexter0’s “Always Have Item” cheat and button activators in Mario Kart Wii. For those that are new to wii hacking, some links to get you started: -Twilight Hack- (No longer used, use Bannerbomb instead.) -Bannerbomb- -Homebrew Channel- -Ocarina (now part of Gecko OS)- -Mario Kart Wii codes- -more Mario Kart Wii codes- -even more Mario Kart Wii codes- button mappings used in this video: D-pad Up-Right: Triple Red Shells D-pad Right: Mega Mushroom D-pad Down-Right: Triple Bananas D-pad Down: Bullet Bill D-pad Down-Left: Lightning D-pad Left: Star Power D-pad Up-Left: Blue Shell also not shown in the video… Y: Gold Mushroom

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 Mario Kart Wii Item Wheel Hack

what i mean like they made some for ds..example:action replay ds,code breaker…i mean have they made anything for the wii to cheat on?another:gamecube action replay gamecube.

i want an cheating program 2 exist now becuase i want to cheat in wii sports

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 havent they made anything to cheat on the wii?

I want to play super smash brothers brawl for the wii, but my boyfriend has the wii remotes with him and I only have gamecube ones. I know how to use it once I get the game started, but I’m at the screen where you have to select to play the game and you need a wii remote for it. Is there anyway I can use the gamecube remote to start it?

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 How do I start playing a wii game with game cube controller?

I attempted to use the old Gamecube device on the Wii to play an older Gamecube game (No longer own the Gamecube system), and had no luck. Frozen game, etc.

Does such a thing exist?

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 Is there a Wii cheat device that will work with Gamecube games too?

What is Nintendo GameCube? Nintendo GameCube or also known as GCN and unofficially abbreviated as NGC is Nintendo’s fourth home video game console.  In fact, it is also part of the sixth generation console era.  It is the first Nintendo console that uses an optical disc that serves as its primary storage medium.

The Nintendo GameCube game disc is a software storage medium being created by Matsushita only intended for Nintendo GameCube. GameCube also provide players different variety of connectivity options to Nintendo consoles. It was launched last September of 2001 as the successor of Nintendo 64.

So, what does Nintendo GameCube offers? There are so many GameCube games, and some of the most popular are:

  • All-Star Baseball
  • 2006 FIFA World Cup
  • Batman: Dark Tomorrow
  • Call of Duty
  • Catwoman
  • Digimon World
  • Disney’s party
  • Happy feet
  • The Legend of Zelda and so much more!

Because of great compatibility feature of GameCube, it is also compatible with previous Nintendo systems. It is good news because previous Nintendo systems can also play smaller GameCube mini disc. In order for you to use it you will need to hook GameCube controller up to Wii. But don’t worry it’s easy and you’ll find some easy steps in doing it.

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