What are you waiting for? Download them now!

Deliberately or by accident, we don’t know, but the Australian Game Boy Advance games for Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors have gone live. You’ll need to search in the settings of the eShop under Download Activity to get them (it may be on the second page too).

We’ve got some observations of the games too. Like Nintendo said, sleep mode does not work with these titles. The 3DS screens still shut off as well as the sound but the games continue to run. You can, of course, pause the GBA game itself.


You can load the game in either full screen mode or 1:1 Pixel mode by holding Select or Start when you boot the game.

The game’s brightness (and it doesn’t look like it in the pictures) seems to be a little dimmer than what we would expect. It really is distracting. However, Nintendo did some crazy things to GBA games to make them look good on a non-backlit screen and these effects might be translating over to these roms.

Our Japanese system doesn’t have the games yet nor our America. Hopefully soon for you guys too!