L Himself is a cool person to hack with icon smile Mario Kart Wii: I Hack Attack #13 Hacking With L HimSelf I’m glad he is not quitting Mario Kart Wii. Enjoy the video.

 Mario Kart Wii: I Hack Attack #13 Hacking With L HimSelf

This hack includes: *No healthwarning (the blackscreen is the time it needs to load the channels) *region free Wii games *region free GC games *region free channels *start the built-in rescue menu when Y is pressed on the first GC controller *rescue menu patch to boot everything not just diag-discs *No mainmenu BGM more to come

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 Wii systemmenu hacks

I have posted the code here: volderbeek.freeforums.org ***Please post any questions you have there on the forum rather than here on YouTube if the below links don’t help, I rarely check my inbox.*** A demonstration of what you can do with dexter0’s “Always Have Item” cheat and button activators in Mario Kart Wii. For those that are new to wii hacking, some links to get you started: -Twilight Hack- (No longer used, use Bannerbomb instead.) -Bannerbomb- wiibrew.org -Homebrew Channel- wiibrew.org -Ocarina (now part of Gecko OS)- wiibrew.org -Mario Kart Wii codes- www.usbgecko.com -more Mario Kart Wii codes- wiird.l0nk.org -even more Mario Kart Wii codes- volderbeek.freeforums.org button mappings used in this video: D-pad Up-Right: Triple Red Shells D-pad Right: Mega Mushroom D-pad Down-Right: Triple Bananas D-pad Down: Bullet Bill D-pad Down-Left: Lightning D-pad Left: Star Power D-pad Up-Left: Blue Shell also not shown in the video… Y: Gold Mushroom

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 Mario Kart Wii Item Wheel Hack

This video will teach you how to hack your Nintendo Wii. You wil be installing the Homebrew Wii Channel. The Homebrew Channel is not illegal but installing it will void your warranty for your Wii. There is some risk to installing it, especially if done wrong. The Homebrew Channel is self updating and is used to launch applications. In my next video I will be showing how to install apps and which ones are the best to hack with. SUBSCRIBE. Here is the basic tutorial in Writing: (Note this tutorial will not work if your Wii version is above 4.1). 1. Format your SD card to FAT. (Your SD card has to be 2 GB or less unless your Wii is version 4.1) 2. Download the Hackmii Installer: depositfiles.com 3: Download Bannerbomb: depositfiles.com 4. Extract the files. 5. Copy the folder named “private” and paste it into your SD card. 6. Copy the file named “boot.elf” and paste it into your SD card. 7. Make four new folders in the root of your SD card. Name one: apps, wads, themes, and codes. 8. Turn Wii Connect 24 off. 9. Put your SD card into your Wii and go to setting-data management-Channels-SD card and click yes and then the button “one” when prompted. 10. Install The Homebrew Channel, DVDx, and bootmii (as boot2) Your Wii is now hacked, watch my next video to show how to get Homebrew Channel apps. *MUSIC* -All from garageband *NOTES* -I apologize for sounding very boring in the video. It was my first time narrating and I didn’t narrate while recording (I did it after). VISIT OUR

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 How to Hack your Nintendo Wii   Install the Homebrew Channel