We've known since late January that Nintendo had scaled back expectations for the early 2013 performance of its recently launched Wii U. But now, US sales numbers for the system in first month of the year are beginning to leak out and it's clear that Nintendo's latest system is suffering from a monumental post-holiday slump.

While NPD no longer releases US hardware sales data every month, a representative for the tracking firm told Gamasutra that US sales in the system's first three months were down 38 percent compared to the same period for the Wii. That would mean the Wii U has sold approximately 940,000 units through January in the US.

Combine that with the 890,000 Wii U units Nintendo has said were sold in November and December of 2012, and you get a US sales figure of about 50,000 in January alone. That gels with reports from others sources with access to NPD's internal data, who claim the Wii U sold "well under" 100,000 units for the month.

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