There are so many popular video games out in the market today.  One of these popular game is Rock band. As we all know, it is also a popular music game intended for Wii as well as other consoles.  This game has been made for all major video games systems. It has a unique controller set up and its peripherals takes time to set up.

Here are the steps on how to connect rock band set to wii:

  1. First, take not the things needed: 3 AA batteries and a screwdriver.
  2. Put together both drums and guitars that is based on games instructions. You should have several pieces of drums that fit with each other and plug it into a central unit. Two pieces guitar must connect together.
  3. Next, put AA batteries into the back of the guitar. Unscrew the back of the guitar panel until you have access to the battery area. Insert the batteries and reassemble the guitar panel back again.
  4. Turn on the guitar. Switch can be found at the back of the guitar.
  5. Plug the USB hub into the USB port that can be found on the Wii console through hubs USB wire.
  6. Next, plug the microphone as well as the drums, wireless dongles into the USB hub.
  7. Turn on the system and insert the game disc. Using your Wiimote, select Rock band from the menu.
  8. And lastly, press the small buttons that can be found on the wireless dongles plugged into a hub. Press the lit up button on the guitar, next is press the white button.  And that’s it!

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