You may need a family lawyer in many stages of your life. Whether you are going for court marriage, filing a divorce, adopting a child or going for his guardianship, the necessity of a family lawyer is unavoidable. Family law is quite different from criminal law. Finding a good family lawyer and getting all your problems solved is not easy. The need of a family lawyer already defines that you are on a difficult level of your life. You might be struggling with your married life and opting for divorce or filing for custody of your kids, these things are painful on their own and the complication arising during the case makes your life even more bitter. Any family matter taken into court is no doubt undesired by anyone. It is a game of emotions. The family values and personal life of the plaintiff are being exploited. In this scenario a wrong lawyer can twist the knife in your wounds.

The following tips should be considered while finding a family lawyer;

Making a list

Prior to the selection of a lawyer, make a list of lawyers that are recommended by your friends and relatives. Also, include the lawyers that you have approached in the past (if any). After making the list, analyze the skills and experience of each candidate and choose the most suitable one.

Specialization in family law

Before hiring a family lawyers North Brisbane, you must opt for a lawyer who practices family law regularly. Family issues are sensitive and must be tackled in a careful manner. Only professional experts in this area can be a wise choice. Ask for the certificate for family law for confirmation.

Explanation; Your lawyer must explain all the law details of your case in easy terms. Rather than using difficult terms to show off his/her skills, he/she must use the words which are easily understood by a common man.

Taking into charge Family issues are very sensitive. Your lawyer must know the right path to get into action. A good lawyer understands all your needs gives you the best advice for your legal rights.

Trust issues

The lawyer you choose must be someone you can trust as he/she is going to have all your personal data. There must be enough understanding between you can your lawyer to develop mutual trust.

Charges of the case

Many lawyers would be available to solve your particular problem but not everyone meets your budget. Set a budget prior to approaching a lawyer and go for the lawyer whose charges lie in your range and fix all the legal agreements prior to the commencement of activities.

Change of lawyer

If you feel that your current attorney is unable to handle your case, feel free to change your attorney. If you are not getting what you expect then it’s time to split your ways.


Filing a case regarding family is not easy and the proceeding of the case can be even more difficult. Hiring a good family lawyer is a basic requirement. Look for a lawyer who fulfills all your requirements.