========= +UPDATE+ ========= I have added the hacks.ini files for U,E, and J. Put the file in the root of your SD card. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR WII! DO AT YOUR OWN RISK! This video will show you how to hack (softmod) your Wii. This tutorial is for versions 4.2U, 4.2E, and 4.2J ONLY! ========= Downloads ========= Pack A1: www.mediafire.com Pack B1: www.mediafire.com Pack B2: www.mediafire.com Pack B3: www.mediafire.com Pack C1: www.mediafire.com Pack C2: www.mediafire.com ***Priiloader Hacks.ini*** You will need to download one of these files for Priiloader to be able to load hacks. Put the file in the root of your SD card ****UPDATE***** I know a few of you have been having problems with Priiloader saying “could not find hack.ini”. To fix this, go here: wiibrew.org If Priiloader does not autoboot to the system menu, download the latest version of Priiloader b0.3: priiloader.googlecode.com Now copy and the text for your region and paste the text on notepad. Now save it as hacks.ini. Now put the newly made file onto the root of your SD card. Test it and make sure it works. Sorry about all the trouble! ===================== How to back up your NAND ===================== Making a NAND backup with Bootmii is highly recommended, it will recover your Wii from 99.9% of bricks. Use the same SD card you used to install Bootmii and make sure there is at least 530mb free on it. Bootmii is very fussy about what SD cards it uses, so avoid generic ones and

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 How to Hack Wii 4.2 System Menu