Are you looking for an aerobic step to make you sweat and helps you increase your work out effectiveness? Well, a Multi Function Aerobic Step for Wii Fit might be the one you are looking for. This product will give you an extra boost on your aerobics work out. This platform helps you to elevate your balanced on board up to 4 inches from the ground.

There are two ways to adjust this platform. First, lay it flat horizontally or turn it on its side vertically and take it to 6 inches in height.  The platform contains a rubber pegs on both bottom and sides for you to have a safer and secure grip.

Multi Function Aerobic Step elevates Wii fit balanced board to three different levels.  You can choose from 3 inch platform, 4 inch standard aerobic step platform, and 6 inch platform.  This platform snaps together in order to secure users in making different positions and can be used with or without the Balance board.

Additional height provides users quality work out. It also provides right amount of balance and support. Using Multi Function Aerobic Step gives you the support you needed for a healthy aerobic routine. It is very useful in basic step work outs, advanced steps and free steps as well.

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