hello youtubers! today, i found a way to get a hacked name or a japanese nam without homebrew channel or hackmii installer. you dont even need to have a computer to do this. i will not post up this tutorial because you can get banned and get your wii or your homebrew channel shutdown and that means you have to delete homebrew channel and get it all over it again. it can block your wii or broke your wii but im not 100% sure about if your wii is blocked. i have been banned many many times and i hav to get homebrew channel all over again since i got banned today because of the hacked name if you visit my channel, you’ll see that i have made a new hack which i am not gonna post it on youtube or volderbeek since that hack i consider it the top 10 powerful hacks. that hack can ruin wifi or harm it and will harm your wii. anyways enjoy!

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 Mario Kart Wii  Testing out my hacked name online