Expect to pay a little more Aussies for your Gameboy fix

Well if you’ve managed to get past the many errors you should be able to get onto the eShop now. As expected the launch lineup is relatively thin and that’s even if you include the Australian Nintendo DSiWare lineup. Heyo!

However it’s a pleasant enough place with a few 3D trailers and adverts to check out, information on retail 3DS games and of course the Virtual Console. Now that the store is up we also have pricing information for you. Which is as follows:

- DSiWare back catalogue (200 Points is now $3.00, 500 Points is now $7.50 and
800 Points is now $12.00)
- 3D Classics Excitebike (Free for now)
- Pokedex 3D (Free)

Virtual Console

- Super Mario Land ($6)
- Alleyway ($4.50)
- Tennis ($4.50)

We’re assuming Mario Land is more expensive because it contains more awesome, but we can’t confirm that. You’ll have to buy everything on the store at the moment with a credit card as well because prepaid cards are not expected in stores in Australia until the end of the month. Debit cards do also work fine.