Dont have a Nintendo 3DS yet? Well as good old Reggie once said, whats wrong with you?

And now he’s right. Retailer The Good Guys is now selling an awesome little bundle here for the 3DS which doesn’t come with some shovelware game. Instead, it comes with Resident Evil: Revelations and a Circle Pad Pro. Let’s do the maths on that one, the RRP for a Nintendo 3DS at the moment is $249. Now most retailers have been selling it for less than that but still, if you take off Resident Evil and the Circle Pad Pro off that price ($69.95 and $24.95) you’re effectively getting a 3DS for $155. Which is $100 less than normal or $200 less if you had bought one on launch.

Of course this doesn’t help people who already have a 3DS (or three) so if you spot any other deals for Resident Evil: Revelations and/or the Circle Pad Pro let us know!

Via: Lasoo