Within the Wii U and 3DS madness, there was this, and whats it all about?

Between all the big announcements it’s not hard to forget the little games. The eShop title which doesn’t have a release date seems to be one of Nintendo’s more out-there ideas.

Picture Lives! is a painting program for the eShop and it lets you create characters using shapes and boxes and then play a game with them. You can then give the player a name and a voice as well. This is definitely a game for the younger crowd.

Players start with simple shapes like circles and squares and build their creatures in any way they want. They pick the colours and forms, then add legs, eyes and a mouth. Even people with no artistic skills can put together a fun and interesting character.

Once the newly created creature gets a name and a voice, then it’s time to play. It comes to life and the player can control it using simple touch-screen controls. It can be made to walk, jump or even fly through a game world that contains all kinds of magical things to discover.

As players use their characters to munch on food and investigate their world, they can collect eggs to earn money for additional character-creation tools, or get bonuses that grant them extra power-ups.

Players can even unlock the ability to redesign elements in the game world. Don’t like puffy, white clouds? Make them purple with pink polka-dots.

The more pictures that a player draws, the larger the game world grows and the more areas there are to explore.

Players who activate the StreetPass™ feature can also wirelessly swap characters.