Same deal as Ocarina of Time, you ask for it theyll give it to you

EB Games is planning on breaking the Super Mario 3D Land street date as soon as they get stock. Vooks has learned that much like the Ocarina of Time 3D debacle that EB Games will be selling the game but not be displaying it or letting people who have preordered the game know they can pick it up until Thursday. You’ll have to ask, and they’ll sell it to you.

EB Games stores are expected to have stock of the game either today or tomorrow, none of the stores we phoned this morning on either side of the country had their stock but some confirmed it would be arriving either today or Tuesday.

This is now the second Nintendo game that EB Games has deliberately pre planned to break the street date on, the first being Ocarina of Time 3D earlier this year. It continues to set an unhealthy precedent in this country where street dates are continually broken at the detriment to smaller retailers, online shoppers and even the publishers themselves. Midnight launches and other events had to be cancelled because of the Ocarina of Time 3D street date break and it might happen again now with this.

Getting a game early is fabulous, but if street dates continue to break as badly as this expect repercussions. More on that in another article though.

Zelda fans, absolutely no word yet if this will apply to Skyward Sword at all, all of the news we’ve been handed has been about Super Mario 3D Land. Stay tuned.

We have contacted Nintendo Australia for a response.

Update 1: EB at Westfield Southland in Melbourne has stock and a Twitter follower has sent in the following. One of our writers has also picked up a copy from the EB Games in Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney.

Thanks to WarpZoneTrigger and Billy for the pictures.