Well its still November at least, just very late November

A new advertising campaign by Nintendo UK has revealed that 3D video recording will available for the 3DS via an update on November 30. This leads us to believe that the much-anticipated firmware update containing numerous other added features in addition to 3D video recording will be released on the same day. Here is a television commercial mentioning the new date.


The update will add several new features to the 3DS, such as the ability to record 3D video for up to ten minutes along with a whole range of timer options. It will also expand on the StreetPass Mii Plaza by adding more puzzles to the Puzzle Swap, and new paths and battle mechanics in the StreetPass Quest. A new incentive for meeting Miis from different geographical areas has also been mentioned, but we’re not sure whether we will indeed get that feature. We’re also awaiting updates to the eShop which will add new areas to download game demos and DLC, and the ability to transfer purchases between systems. Phew!

Look out for the blue glow of your 3DS’s Notification LED from November 30. (Due to the time difference, you might be notified of the update the next day.)

Source: Nintendo Life