Helping Animals? Or just a cheap publicity stunt.. you know the answer

So here on Vooks we haven’t covered the whole PETA vs Nintendo thing at all. If you’re unaware what happened here’s the gist of it.

PETA came out attacking Super Mario 3D Land and it’s Tanooki Suit for promoting the wearing of fur. Nintendo then fired back with a press statement that basically says what Mario wears or transforms into makes no statement outside the games. Finally PETA respond to it all saying it was meant to be a tongue in cheek joke and they were just trying to point out that racoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur.

We decided not to give what was an obvious troll even more air, as group uses cheap publicity stunts for awareness. It isn’t the first time PETA have gone after video games, it won’t be the last. Previously they have gone after both Cooking Mama and Super Meat Boy.

So what’s the point of this article then? To make fun of PETA? No, that’s just silly as they do a good enough job of that themselves. Instead we’re going to point you to a great animal charity group who don’t rely on lies and pathetic hyperbole in order to benefit animals and this group is based right here in Australia.

I am of course referring to the RSCPA Australia. The RSCPA are one of Australia’s best, if not the best animal welfare group who’ve been helping Australian animals since 1981. They’re out there in the community everyday rescuing, saving and helping animals in Australia and bringing animal abusers to justice. They’re also educating kids on how to treat and care for their animals.

This isn’t an article to tell you to donate to them, or to push an agenda. But the issue of animal cruelty has been brought up this week amongst Nintendo fans but instead of saying nothing and perhaps letting PETA getting a free plug in there, we’re going to promote a great Australian group who don’t resort to foul tactics. Resorting to these cheap publicity stunts doesn’t help animals in the slightest, they don’t even raise awareness of animal issues. You can’t help an animal that doesn’t exist. (Racoon dogs are real, Tanuki’s in Mario are not).

Vooks has no affiliation to the RSCPA at all and this article was written by a Nintendo fan who has two cats and loves animals. We promise it will be our last ’political message’.