Want one of those cool looking custom themed 3DS consoles? Register now to win. Youll get Kid Icarus 3D Classics too!

Nintendo Australia has updated its Club Nintendo page with the Australian version of the Its-a Me Mario campaign. All you have to do is register two titles from the list of eligible games on Club Nintendo and you will receive a free code to redeem 3D Classics: Kid Icarus but also and more importantly go into the draw to win one of three custom designed 3DS consoles, they come in Mario, Peach and Toad flavours. Theres 50 of each design for Australians.

Youll only be able to select one design to win, but you can enter up to three times if you happen to have bought 6 of the game eligible. The competition doesnt close until April so you have some time to rack up those 3DS game purchases, pretty much every game Nintendo Australia has published on the console is eligible.

Head on over to this website for more information and login to the usual Club Nintendo page to get started.

Were going for the Mario one, what about you?