Pit returns after 20 year plus absence in 3D

Good news, Nintendo Australia has announced the Australian and New Zealand release date for Kid Icarus: Uprising as March 29th.

Only the third game in the the 25-year history of the Kid Icarus series, Uprising sees the heroic angel Pit team up with Palutena, goddess of light and guardian of the human race, to take down Medusa the Queen of the Underworld and her minions on land and in the air.

Nintendo has also provided some insight into some of the game’s mechanics. The new "Fiend’s Cauldron" lets you adjust the difficulty of the game on a scale of 0.0 to 9.0, adjustable by 0.1 increments. What’s interesting is that there is a risk and reward factor involved with choosing higher intensities. To increase it, you have to bet Hearts you collect from defeating enemies; if you win a chapter, you win more Hearts to buy better weapons, and if you lose, not only will you lose Hearts but the intensity will be automtically lowered. All in all, a pleasing change to dull Easy/Medium/Hard-type settings in other games.

Speaking of weapons, there are many, many to choose from—in nine categories—and they each suit different play styles and battles. You can even fuse weapons for more powerful results, so there’s a lot of replay value here. Vehicles are also accessible in various part of Pit’s adventure. The "Exo Tank" for example allows Pit to defeat the baddies with its ramming horn.

Every copy of the game will also be bundled with a stand for the 3DS to hold it up over a flat surface so you can play more comfortably in those intense battles. You’ll probably need it to, as you’ll be using the Circle Pad and the touch screen at the same time—not quite for the faint hearted!

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, the game will support the Circle Pad Pro, good news for all you left-handers.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is out on March 29. Are you excited?