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-webkit-national boundaries-radius:4px


-moz-container-shadow:2px 2px #C6E5E7

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field-shadow:2px 2px NumberC6E5E7

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underlay:3px 4px

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text message-remodel:uppercase

line: 1px reliable NumberC6E5E7


.button2:are positioned history-colour: #e4f4ff

qualifications: -moz-straight line-slope(top rated, #e4f4ff Percent, #e4f4ff 100Pct)

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historical past: -i-straight line-incline(major, Numbere4f4ff Per-cent, Numbere4f4ff 100Per cent)

background: -microsoft-linear-incline(top, #e4f4ff Percentage ,Numbere4f4ff 100Percent)

narrow: progid:DXImageTransform.’microsoft’.slope( startColorstr=A#cbeaff’, endColorstrMeansHa#cbeaff’,GradientTypeEquates to )

backdrop: straight line-incline(top rated, #e4f4ff Per cent ,Numbere4f4ff 100Per-cent)


.button2:effective historical past-coloration: #8f2222

historical past: -moz-linear-incline(major, #afdbff %, #afdbff 100Percentage)

qualifications: -webkit-straight line-slope(top rated, #afdbff %, Numberafdbff 100%)

qualifications: -u-linear-incline(prime, #afdbff Percent, Numberafdbff 100Per-cent)

backdrop: -microsof company-straight line-gradient(top, Numberafdbff Percentage ,#afdbff 100%)

separate out: progid:DXImageTransform.Milliseconds.gradient( startColorstrIs equal toHa#afdbff’, endColorstrEquates toWiNumberafdbff’,GradientTypeIs equal to )

historical past: linear-slope(top rated, #afdbff Pct ,#afdbff 100%)



mark up-remaining: automobile

border-right: automobile

thickness: 50Percent

directory-position: core

wording-align: facility


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