Nintendo and Capcom dropped a bomb, Monster Hunter 4 is for the 3DS!

Today at the Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011, Nintendo and Capcom not only confirmed that Monster Hunter 3G will be coming to the 3DS this December but also the existence of Monster Hunter 4, a huge coup for Nintendo and for the Nintendo 3DS if the game remains exclusive.

There was no release date for the latter game but Monster Hunter 3 G is due out on December 20th this year. Its obvious this one is just a stop gap until the mainline game can make it probably some time in 2012.

So does this mean that the Vita wont be getting Monster Hunter 4? Who knows but it is a big win for Nintendo. Absolutely no mention of the 3DS slide pad add-on was mentioned. A couple of trailers of both games are below;

Monster Hunter 4 Trailer

Monster Hunter 3G Trailer