Once again our cousins in Nippon receive all the good stuff

Capcom have released a variety of different bundles for the 3DS containing the wildly-anticipated Monster Hunter Tri G. Japan will, as always, devour Monster Hunter hungrily as the fever sweeps the nation, so these bundles are guaranteed to disappear as fast as they reach shelves. As a disclaimer; don’t expect these bundles to reach Western shores any time soon.

The biggest bundle in the lot contains a copy of the game and a custom-painted white 3DS. It bears the Monster Hunter Tri G logo, as well a caricature of a bird-like beast, all in scarlet. It will sell for JPY¥20,800, or $280.11 in AUD.


Another bundle features the game and a Slide Pad for the console. It will retail for JPY¥6,990, which equates to AUD$94.13.

The last offer is just the game, which is releasing for JPY¥5,800, translating at about AUD$78.11.

Monster Hunter Tri G will come out on December 10th. Now to sit back and wait for Nintendo of Australia to top Japan. Hint: they won’t. We’re importing a copy and the Slide Pad Extension, look for a hands on soon!

Source: Andriasang