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.modalDialog placement: repaired

font-loved ones: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif best: proper: base: still left: qualifications: rgb(223,223,223) unces-directory: 99999 -webkit-change: opacity 400ms ease-in -moz-changeover: opacity 400ms ease-in conversion: opacity 400ms convenience-in demonstrate: stop }

.modalDialog:goal demonstrate: stop pointer-situations: car } .modalDialog > div fullness: 400px position: relative mark up: 10Pct automotive foam: 5px 20px 13px 20px national boundaries-distance: 20px qualifications: Numberfff -moz-package-darkness: 3px 3px Number888 -webkit-field-shadow: 3px 3pxNumber888 pack-darkness: 3px 3px Number888 }



national boundaries-radius:4px

-moz-container-shadow:2px 2px NumberC6E5E7

-webkit-common box-darkness:2px 2px #C6E5E7

container-shadow:2px 2px #C6E5E7

backdrop: -moz-linear-incline(19Percentage 75Percent 90deg, #CAEAFF, #e2f2ff)

historical past: -webkit-slope(linear, eventually left top rated, eventually left bottom level, from(Numbere2f2ff), to(#CAEAFF))




font-excess fat:vivid

extra padding:3px 4px

word-darkness:1px 1px rgba(255, 255, 255, .7)

textual content-remodel:uppercase

edge: 1px good NumberC6E5E7


.button2:are positioned backdrop-coloration: #e4f4ff

qualifications: -moz-straight line-slope(leading, Numbere4f4ff %, #e4f4ff 100Percentage)

backdrop: -webkit-straight line-slope(best, #e4f4ff Per cent, #e4f4ff 100Per-cent)

history: -u-straight line-incline(prime, Numbere4f4ff Pct, #e4f4ff 100Per cent)

qualifications: -master of science-linear-slope(prime, Numbere4f4ff Percentage ,#e4f4ff 100Pct)

narrow: progid:DXImageTransform.Ms.gradient( startColorstrEquates to’Numbercbeaff’, endColorstrIs equal toANumbercbeaff’,GradientType= )

historical past: linear-slope(major, Numbere4f4ff Percentage ,#e4f4ff 100Percentage)


.button2:dynamic track record-color: Number8f2222

history: -moz-straight line-incline(major, Numberafdbff Percentage, #afdbff 100Percentage)

backdrop: -webkit-straight line-incline(prime, Numberafdbff Pct, #afdbff 100Percentage)

backdrop: -o-straight line-gradient(top, Numberafdbff Per cent, Numberafdbff 100Pct)

background: -ms-linear-gradient(prime, #afdbff Per cent ,#afdbff 100Pct)

filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Ms.slope( startColorstrEquates toHaNumberafdbff’, endColorstrEqualsHaNumberafdbff’,GradientTypeEquates to )

background: straight line-incline(best, #afdbff Pct ,#afdbff 100Percent)



profit-remaining: automotive

border-right: car

fullness: 50Pct

directory-position: heart

wording-align: center


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