Doom and gloom is over, the 3DS is setting records again

We don’t get sales from Nintendo Australia often, but when we do it’s because they’ve got something worth telling us about. Today Nintendo Australia has announced that the Nintendo 3DS has now sold through more than 200,000 units. It is now the fastest selling console to reach this mark coming in at 37 weeks. It’s not only beat all other handheld consoles but also all over home consoles as well. Impressive!

That means that the Nintendo 3DS is has gotten off to even better start than the DS and Wii in Australia. The DS didn’t start selling well though really until a couple of years into its lifetime. The Wii however was hot out of the gate so its great to see it do well. Nintendo sold 520,000 Nintendo DS’s in 2010 and in February it had topped 3 million sold. Let’s hope the 3DS can get close to there sometime in it’s life!

The 3DS may have gotten off to a rocky start worldwide, but with the good news about Japan and the US and now Australia coming in. It’s looking good!