Everything you missed (or didnt) from last nights Nintendo Direct broadcast

wata started the third Nintendo Direct broadcast this time from the Nintendo sound studio in the basement of Nintendo’s main office in Japan. Iwata started off by telling us about the end of server of the Wii Ma channel on the Wii, Nintendo had previously announced it just days before. With the boring stuff out the way, Iwata then handed the reigns over to Masahiro Sakurai to run through a demonstration of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Sakurai started by going over some new weapons in the game and over the online mode. It then cut to a cool montage of online game play in action. The game just looks better and better each time we see it. Sakurai says that he’s played the game with people outside out of Japan and it’s very smooth. The menus also are essentially the same at Super Smash Bros Brawl, seeing as Sakurai did that game too its not too surprising. He then switched his attention to the single player portion of the game, the game will be good for both casual players and core players to enjoy as the game has a ’seriousness level’ in it. This is essentially a difficulty level slider and it will even adjust easier if you set it too hard. Sakurai also demoed the 3DS stand that comes with the game and spoke of the StreetPass and Spotpass, the latter of which will have daily updates.

In a first, Nintendo has opened an official Twitter account for Kid Icarus Uprising in Japan, it’s at this address; @3DS_Palutena. It’s most likely to be in Japanese only for now.

Next up was a trailer for Fire Emblem on the Nintendo 3DS, it’s out on April 19th in Japan and there will be new maps and episodes coming to the game via Downloadable Content later, guess the rumours on that one were current. After that a trailer for Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition was shown. That one is for the Nintendo DS remember though.

The next big game on the agenda was Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS, footage of the game revealed that masters of the genre Camelot are indeed behind this one. The game features gyro controls, touch controls and even online play. Four players can also play off the one cartridge as well! That one is out in Japan on May 24th.

The trailers then got a bit shorter and Iwata went through a ton of games due out in the next few months. First up the Fatal Frame game for the Wii? Yup, that’s still on the the way and will be out in June in Japan. The game will feature two player. The next games after that are more slow paced but have a great style. There’s a new Culdcept card game for the 3DS coming that has local and online play. If you’re not sure what that is, don’t worry it’ll have a nice tutorial to get you used to the game.

Next up was possibly the most cutest game on show, but probably one of the most serious. Not seen since the Game Boy Advance is Cultobit, the game was actually shown off last year but this time got a bigger demo, it’s not normal soccer game but instead a soccer management game with online support. Hopefully it’s not dismissed because of its cute art style!

Done with first party titles, it’s on the to the third party titles. New footage of Kingdom Hearts 3D was shown, Rune Factory 4 got its first ever trailer as well. Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D was also shown for the first time. The logo for Etrian Odyssey IV was also shown off… yes a logo.

But he didn’t dwell too long and then switched his focus to eShop titles dating several titles including the already releases (in Japan at least) Denpa Ningen RPG and showed off more gameplay footage of Dillon’s Rolling Western.

There were some new things though and Iwata saved them kind of until the last. Joining the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and NES on the eShop will be Game Gear games from next month. There will also be a new video of Game Center CX up on the Japanese eShop later today.

However, the two biggest parts of the event were the revelations that Sega, Capcom and Namco Bandai are doing a crossover title on the Nintendo 3DS and that there is a new game from Dr. Kawashima coming soon. We’ll have more in-depth stories for those titles soon. Stay tuned.

So how was it then? No time to worry about it though the European event is starting now!

Source: Andriasang