Satoru Iwata announces plans to surprise us all at E3

Iwata has come out and given the information-hungry media a few tidbits, alluding to the Wiis current standing in the market and how he plans to bring Nintendo to a wider audience.

Firstly, Iwata concedes that Xbox has been in a "good condition" since last summer, but goes on to say that Kinects contribution to the Xboxs market share hasnt even come close to the Wiis user base of 10 million. He feels that it would be "rather unusual" for the Wiis market to be taken over by the launch of Kinect. He is also correct in stating that "hit titles" arent exactly rushing out of the door for Kinect either.

Kinect vs. Wii

Iwata also believes the presence of Japanese software has diminished in the overseas market over the past 3 or 4 years. However, he believes Nintendo has been pursuing particular strategies to make sure Nintendo-developed games still reach foreign consumers. Although domestic franchises are more popular in their homelands, which is natural. Iwata believes this is why a lot of western gamers will pick western franchises over Japanese ones.

Iwata thinks that their style of game development will continue to please their current audience, but wont help to expand it. He plans to change this at the looming E3 show.

Source: GoNintendo