Also prices portable games in a wallet-worrying deluge

Wanna know the price of Skyward Sword? Well, youve come to the right place. Ive got a multitude of prices, layed out in our all new, revolutionary, VooksPriceList™ format. Enjoy.

Skyward Sword Limited Edition with fancy gold Wii Remote and soundtrack CD - $119.95
Skyward Sword with just the soundtrack CD - $99.95 (limited stock)
Skyward Sword by itself - $99.95


In addition, here are a couple of portable games you might enjoy perusing:

Kirby Mass Attack - $59.95 (DS)
Professor Layton and the Last Spector - $59.95 (DS)

WW2 TETRIS EXTREME a.k.a. Tetris 3D - $49.95 (3DS)

As ever, these are just the Australian retail prices, so it shouldnt be too hard to find somewhere offering it for a little less. If you do find anywhere, help out your fellow Vookians and share it in the comments thread.