Nintendo released the original Wii in November 2006, and its successor, the Wii U, comes out this Sunday. It’s no wonder fans and gamers are talking passionately about the merits the long-awaited new system, and you can rest assured that the OpenForum has been discussing it for a few weeks. Is it worth purchasing? The OpenForum is one of the best places to find out and discuss.

There were ten things that surprised Gaming Editor Kyle Orland about the Wii U hardware when he opened the box, and the OpenForum has been speculating on elements of the new system that haven't yet been aired in the media. We identified some major points of discussion to help you figure out if you might want to consider trying to get a system at a retailer, now that pre-orders are closing out.

Game selection

Inevitably, the success of a system is dependent on the quality and playability of its games. Can Nintendo continue its success in bringing out strong titles?

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