One of the best things about video games is that it takes you back to simpler times. I remember playing Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! as a kid and the amount of time and devotion that went into learning by heart when it was secure to go for Iron mike or when a punch was going to come at me from Bald Bull. It was totally insane! The accomplishment I felt from beating Mike Tyson for the first time was indescribable and you better believe I invited the neighbour kids over to witness my accomplishment.

The Awesome 8-bit Punch Out of my childhood. The amazing Punch-Out! graphics today!

Nintendo chose to bring back this old favourite! although 8-bit glory for Little Mac and Doc Louis is a thing of the past, from the looks of this new game it appears that Next Level Games is going for a cartoon looking game which is not that bad. Luckly this is a Nintendo classic game as I don't believe that XBOX or PS3 would do it justice. This version of Punch Out! is as you would expect (from the trailers anyway) going to deliver much of what we used to love as kids with the added benefits of awesome graphics, with the use of the classic controller for those of your who want to play the old way (yay! just like when we were kids), if you do not feel like going old school you can use the Wii mote and Nunchuck to throw punches and block.

The new Punchout! will have 13 fighters. With old favourites such as Von Kaiser and Glass Joe and new ones like Disco Kid. Punch-Out! will be out on the 19th of May. Below are some cool teaser trailers!