Most people to voted in our poll happy for 20 free games, others question value

Last week after Nintendo slashed $100AU off the price of the Nintendo 3DS, we turned the tables onto you and asked your opinion about it. While our polls are from a big sample of people and probably being a Nintendo site will have the tendency to be a little biased, we know how to call Nintendo out though.

The top result of the poll was the option ’20 Free Games! That’s pretty cool’ with just under half of the poll with 49.25% of the votes. Most Vooks readers are keen on the free games, something Nintendo didn’t HAVE to do but did anyway.

The next highest result was question that why after a $100 drop that the system is still $100 more than the US - surely we should have got a bigger price drop? If Nintendo dropped the 3DS anymore it could have had a negative reaction to the sales we believe, $150 off - what’s wrong with it? Sadly we can’t see it getting fixed anytime - unless the 3DS under performs in Australia more so than the rest of the world. The next poll option with the highest percentage was ’Rather have more full (retail) games thanks’. Seriously Nintendo, third party developers, we just want some games to play on it - the price we could have lived with, we’ve been able to pick it up for cheap with deals going around. It still doesn’t help the games problem - it’ll be fixed eventually but it could have been planned so much better.

Thanks for the 20 free games Nintendo though, just don’t take all year to get them to us right?