No firm announcements but they are look into it

It wasnt a shock to see a new Skylanders game announced on Tuesday and the game will be coming to the Wii later this year. But what about the Wii U and its fancy NFC technology built into the console? Speaking to Joystiq, the CEO of the series developer Toys for Bob Paul Reiche III has said that "In terms of the Wii U, were looking at it, All of the details about the NFC technology havent been released to the public yet, and its really interesting,"

The technology in Skylander toys isnt NFC but in fact RFID. The two technologies are very similar and it could open up some possibilities with the new system. So what could they be? Reiche unfortunately cant go into any detail at all, keeping coy on the subject with a "I cant talk about that, Im afraid.".

Well at least thats not a denial.

Source: Joystiq