Activisions Toy + Game combo is back for another round this year

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure was a shock surprise last year, we weren’t expecting much when the toy and game combo was announced but after actually playing it, we were left pleasantly surprised. We aren’t surprised to see a new game in the series so quickly though, it is an Activision game and it was the top selling ’kids franchise’ last year in North America.

The new game is called Skylanders Giants, no Spyro in the title this time around. There will be 16 new Skylander characters both in game and in real life toy form, 8 of which will be giant sized along with 8 regular sized ones. Along with their big size, the giant sized Skylanders have big powers as well.

The new Skylander toys will also have lights built into the toys, these lights will light up when near a Portal of Power and the lights will also be reflected in game as well. Don’t worry if you bought all the toys that came out last year either as all the toys are forward compatible and all their stats will be available in the new game.

The press release also mentions that there will be new modes in Battle Mode and more options for head to head play. The game is coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and handheld devices - most likely the 3DS but could also be the Vita and other mobile devices. The game is being developed by Toys for Bob again and it’s safe to assume the 3DS version will be done by Vicarious Visions.

Maybe a Wii U version will be on the cards this time around? Parents, time to open up the wallets!