Iwata and Reggie are back, Reggie promises an exciting announcement

Nintendo Japan has tweeted today about the next episode of Nintendo Direct. The previous two episodes have shown off the upcoming line-ups for the Wii and 3DS and we suspect the new episode will be the same. The first episode of Nintendo Direct showed off Monster Hunter 4, Mario Tennis and many more titles; the second episode was less feature-packed but showed Iwata playing Love Plus. That itself was worth it.

As usual, the episode has been recorded already but will be broadcasted tomorrow (22 February) at 8pm Japanese time. For Australians, that’s 10pm on the east coast and 7pm on the west coast; for other times check out this link.

Meanwhile, Nintendo of America have sent out a colourful Swapnote to American 3DS users, handwritten by Reggie Fils-Aime himself. The message, much like Iwata’s, asks us to tune into the US Nintendo Direct for an exciting announcement just three hours after the Japanese event. That one is on at 10pm west coast of Australia and 1am for the east coast.

UPDATE: Nintendo of Europe is also getting in on the action for the first time. A new episode of Nintendo Direct targeted to our European friends will be live from 1pm CET on February 22 (today). As we’re closer to Europe than the other regions, we’ve prepared a special countdown timer for their feed. Incidentally, that’s on at 8pm for Australians out west, and 11pm for the easterners.

UPDATE 2: It appears the Nintendo of Europe video will also be broadcasting the Japanese show, but with subtitles.

Exciting stuff! So what do you think will be shown? Pokémon Grey? New 3DS colours? Not long to wait now!