Nintendo Wii Mod Chip What You Need To Know

Getting a Nintendo Wii mod chip will give your Nintendo Wii a new lease of life. A nintendo wii mod chip allows you install various applications and make changes to the way your Nintendo Wii functions.On top of been able to play copied games or games you have downloaded from the internet; a Nintendo Wii mod chip will add additional functionality. One of my personal favourites is the ability to download emulators for the SNES, Megadrive and Playstation to name a few and kick back with my favourite classic games.DivX and Xvid video playback is possible through the media centre. Your entire library of films, tv series and music will be instantly available at the click of a button on your WiiMote.There are 2 differents types of Nintendo Wii mod chip available-Actual nintendo wii Mod chip – These are available for anywhere between $50 and $60, but bear in mind they must be soldered into the Nintendo Wii. This is extremely difficult and should not be attempted if you do not have any experience with soldering, alternatively you could pay for someone to install it.Soft Chip – A soft chip costs around $30, and does everything a nintendo wii mod chip will do. Instead of being a physical chip, the soft chip is a small piece of software that you install on your Nintendo Wii. The soft chip has some big benefits over the traditional hardware mod, its nearly half the price and can be installed in less than 20 minutes by anyoneI have been using the soft chip for a few months now, and am more than happy with it. A step by step video tutorial is included if you get stuck, but the installation process is fully automated so you should have any issues. The soft chip also leaves your warranty with Nintendo in tact as it can be uninstalled with the click of a button.

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The soft chip is the Nintendo Wii mod chip your looking for.

I would strongly recommend the HomeBreWare Soft Chip, compatible with all Wii’s, it is cheaper than a game and their support is fantastic!

Nintendo has announced a new fitness game Wii Fit which is a full on exercise product set to give you more of a workout than Wii Sports, while still retaining all the fun of gaming. Wii Fit will help to keep you physically fit via a dedicated peripheral, a wireless balance board which comes with the game. There are over 40 different activities, including hula hooping, ski jumping and heading soccer balls.

The hula hooping consists of, as you’d expect, gyrating your hips with a virtual hoop onscreen and then as the game progresses, characters will throw more hoops for you to catch and rotate as many times as you can until the time runs out.

The skiing game gives you two chances to make the longest jump you can whilst keeping your balance when landing. Players can increase speed by leaning forward, the more you lean the faster you’ll go, and upon reaching the jump, you stand up straight ensuring your weight is evenly balanced for a good landing.

For the football game, you will need to balance on the board moving from side to side whilst balls are fired at you to hit back on to the field and avoiding other objects that are thrown at you at the same time.

Training falls into 4 categories: Aerobics, muscle conditioning, yoga and balance games. Players can assign their height to a profile to measure body mass index and Wii fitness age as well as monitor progress and record performance statistics.

The calorie busting fun could appeal to couch potato kids as well a non gamers, perhaps using the Nintendo Wii as a slimming tool which would be a move into the lifestyle category rather than gaming, covering the market from another angle.

Nintendo hasn’t given a release date yet for Wii Fit, although its thought to hit the highstreet in early 2008.

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