Theres also 42 million Balance Boards out there now, all dirty

Nintendo Europe has announced that it has now sold over 300 million Wii consoles in Europe. That figure is from launch until Christmas Day last year. The Wii still remains as the best selling console of this generation in Europe, the Playstation 3 is behind on 22 million and figures for the Xbox 360 for all of Europe havent been revealed.

Nintendo Europe also updated the Worldwide figures for the Wii Balance Board, theres now 41.98 million of them out there split between 22.67 million for Wii Fit and 19.31 million for Wii Fit Plus, not a bad return rate for a sequel there.

Now, can we get figures of how many of those Balance Boards out there are all grubby and covered foot filth? Because I know mine is.

Source: Eurogamer