Iwata explains the new Nintendo Network to everyone

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has revealed a bunch of new information about the upcoming Nintendo Network, which is a completely new system for anything Nintendo online related. Its not a rebranding of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

First what we know already. The Network will offer the "Communities" feature of Mario Kart 7 which is already in use today, and the ability for developers to start offering DLC which has already started with THEATRHYTHM from Square Enix. Iwata also reiterated that Nintendo plans to offer DLC in first party games soon.

However none of that is really new. What is new is that Nintendo plans to offer personal accounts for Wii U. This means downloads and purchases will be tied to an account on your Wii U, not to the console itself. Iwata say that "the ease of using a video game system when the hardware is shared by multiple family members, which has been a challenge we needed to tackle, shall be improved". Finally Nintendo!

Source: Nintendo