What is Virtual Console? Virtual console is known as an online service that allows players to purchase and download games as well as the other software for Nintendo’s Wii gaming console. This is sometimes called VC.  Virtual Console line up often consists of titles originally released on past consoles.  Titles run in their original forms through software emulation that can also be purchased between 500 and 1200 Wii points. However, this depends on systems rarity or demand.

So, what are the best Nintendo Virtual Console games for you and your family? Here are some of them:

Super Mario 64. This game is recommended for kids from eight years old and up.  In fact, this game is the best seller when it comes to N64 which is released y 1996. With this game, the whole family would surely enjoy Mario’s walking, run, crouch, crawl, swim, jump and climb just to save Princess Peach.

Ecco the Dolphin. I myself also loved this game together with my seven year old son. Ecco is actually a bottlenose dolphin being controlled by the player through a progression of side scrolling aquatic levels.

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