I’ve connected my wii to my pc monitor using a tvbox.

The wii gets connected to the tvbox(TVB) with the standard cable provided with the wii, a red,yellow and white cable which then goes into an s-video on the TVB.Then the monitor gets connected to the TVB via vga. My pc video card also connects to the TVB to enable me to use the pc aswell.

The problem is that the green seems to be missing from the picture. This doesn’t stop me playing but is alittle annoying. I will eventually get a TV to connect it to but in the mean time will connecting the wii with the other type of cable get me my green. The cable I mean is the one with white and red and the red,blue and green. Not sure of the name but I think it is called a component cable.

If anyone knows about this type of stuff or has had the same problem then please let me know.
I can’t try another tv because I don’t have one yet. I will eventually get a tv but this is a short term fix. Nintendo can’t help because your not meant to connect through a TVB.
Ok yet more details.
I only seem to be missing green when playing wii sports or at the main wii menu.

Tiger woods seems to work fine.

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 Wii Problem connecting to monitor with tvbox?