Donkey Kong Country Returns

Start tuning up Back in Black by AC/DC, or find the Welcome Back Kotter theme song on YouTube, because WiiBlog is back! It has been a long hiatus between actual posts on the site, and we apologize for that.

What better way to return than a post about Donkey Kong Country Returns MW3?

I haven’t been able to play the game yet, as I’m receiving it as a gift for Christmas. So expect a review sometime soon!

To keep me, and the rest of you who haven’t played it yet tided over, here’s a list of review scores and snippets released thus far…

The Escapist: Score – 5/5 Stars

Excerpt: Donkey Kong Country Returns deftly blends the familiar with the new, creating a ghost game that’s just cute enough to keep you from throwing it out the window when you die for the umpteenth time. It’s hard without being cheap, charming while remaining challenging.


IGN: Score – 9.0

Excerpt: Understand there are times where you’ll want to throw your controller against a wall — Donkey Kong Country Returns is not a cakewalk. It’s a hardcore challenge for the hardcore gamer, and because of its difficulty, it offers an amazing sense of satisfaction when you’ve completed a level that’s kicked your butt five ways to Sunday.


Gamespot: Score – 8.5

Excerpt: Donkey Kong Country Returns doesn’t hide behind any gimmicks. This is a traditional take on 2D platformers, and it excels because the brilliant level design makes old obstacles seem new again. Every level hides a new surprise, and you’ll replay them over and over again not only to nab every hidden collectible, like cod ghosts perks, but also because they’re exquisitely entertaining. Fantastic visual design and a catchy soundtrack complement the core gameplay beautifully, making it a pleasure to enjoy the aesthetic aspects. It’s a shame there are some control issues, but you usually have only yourself to blame when you fall into a bottomless pit.


GiantBomb: Score – 4/5 Stars

Excerpt: Nintendo’s got an uncanny knack for knowing when it might be a good time to bring one of its hallowed franchises back to the fore, and sure enough, now seems like as good a time as any for more Donkey Kong Country in multiplayer maps of cod ghosts. And mw3 perks and Retro has done a fine job with this new installment, which has Nintendo’s trademark fit and finish all over it. If you’re yearning for solid, demanding 2D platforming and can look past some slightly misplaced motion controls, you could do far worse than Donkey Kong Country Returns.

———————— Score – 7/10

Excerpt: In the end we enjoyed this game a lot more than we expected, but it still feels like you’re enjoying it for ulterior reasons. Previously it was because of the graphics, this time it’s because of the nostalgia. Not just for the series itself but for the simple charms of a well-designed, gimmick free 2D platformer.