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Everyone knows who Mario is. Decades ago this has been the most sought after character in any video games. Due to its popularity a mini-series was also created intended for Mario and Luigi. After the era of family computer declines, Mario and the rest of the gang was put into shelve.

super mario galaxy main The Super Mario Galaxy 2


Good thing with the Wii, the adventures of Mario had been relieved for kids and kids at heart alike. As such this has been tagged as the Super Mario Galaxy. It currently has two versions and the latest of the collection is the Super Mario Galaxy 2. If we are to compare the two, the latter eventually is more challenging and more varied. This alone makes it double the fun.

This holds the same concept as its predecessor. In fact almost everything can be tagged and compare like the engine used and controls. The only thing that sets this one apart from its previous version is it is more enjoyable and fantastic. This is perhaps taken from the mere fact that its creator learned so many thing s with the first version. At least they realized what needs to be improved, fixed and consider as well.

The game itself is very enjoyable even with the very first version. As such players tend to roam to different areas that are very creative and colourful in nature. You may jump to various places like planetoids with refined gameplay mechanics. With the Super Mario Galaxy 2, the game is taken a notch higher as it commences with new addition. The new version would be interactive as evident by its introduction. Players can actually control Mario in a 2D view as they learn a whole new play mechanism. Nonetheless another good thing about this one is that it will guide you throughout the process of playing. Much more your learning will not be forced within the game.

Another thing to look forward to in this new version is the game’s progression. It is in here where the transition was actually simplified as a player moves to different worlds. This is almost like the 2D maps in various Mario games like the Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Perhaps you would also like to try its Play For me Mode that is somewhat taken from the New Super Mario Bros Wii. Nonetheless with all these features and even more, the game in itself is really fun even though it holds the same concept and challenge. Majority of the levels are evidently seen in the previous version such as the concept of galaxy exploration along with new twists and mechanics.

Overall, I must say that the Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a total improvement of the previous one. With that said it would be wise to really get yourself a new copy as you will definitely enjoy the game. If ever you find satisfaction and challenge from the previous one, no doubt you will also experience the same in this second version of the game.

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 The Super Mario Galaxy 2

 Safecracker: The Newest Game Buzz In Wii

Whenever we heard about the gaming console Nintendo Wii, we often equate it with fitness games and the like. However, for the not so active individuals, you can still be able to maximize Wii. In fact, there is a current buzz with a new game in town for the smart and the witty. It is called the SafeCracker.

The SafeCracker is a game that will definitely exercise your mind. This is one long game thus better make sure you have your memory card in order to save the different stages you accomplished. As such there is no way that you can complete this in just one game.

The said game includes a mansion with 35 different safes situated in various areas. Hence, if you love doing puzzles and solving it then this one is for you. There are different levels for safecracker that you can start. Of course you will begin with the easy ones then as you move to the next it would now be harder. Better read the directions carefully in order to get the information that are deemed necessary. In addition, there are also clues provided alongside with it thus better not miss out even a single one.

As a player you are tagged as an expert safecracker. In here you will be hired by one wealthy family in search for the last will and testament that was left by their deceased billionaire relative named Duncan W. Adams. He was known as an avid safe collector and with an eccentric personality; this would definitely be a challenge for you. Adam has hid this sough after testament around 35 safes that are placed in the mansion. As such the stakes are high. It would be your responsibility now to solve and crack the different safe puzzles so you can earn your pay.

The 35 safes are definitely unique. Much more it includes various clever puzzles that you need to solve in order to open it. You will also be situated in one extravagant mansion where rooms are intricately designed with various hidden intrigues inside. Being a safecracker, it is your responsibility to decipher any clues that are essential to open it. The other 34 safes will contain clues that will lead to one master safe.

Priced at around $30, this would definitely be worth every penny of investment on your end. You can even gather along your family and friends to help you solve it. Hence, if you enjoy playing puzzles and games, it would be best that you get a copy of Safecracker today.

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 Safecracker: The Newest Game Buzz In Wii

wii are family Popular Wii Games For Your Family


The Nintendo Wii is perhaps the best game console today in the market. As a proven fact, this has sold millions all over the globe. True enough the Wii definitely revolutionize the way we play games today. This has set the standard high enough for other consoles to reach.

To date, there are many games we can duly incorporate in our Wii. And what better way to enjoy playing is with your family. Since the holidays are near, you can opt to stock your console with games ready to be played not only you but also others. In order to give you an idea of the probable items that are suitably played by everyone here are a few lists of popular Wii games that you can opt to decide and choose.

Game 1: Sim City Creator. This is base from one popular compute game which is the Sims. Having the same objective, you are to create your own city. You can personalize and build it the way you want to. Another thing you would surely love in this game is your ability to create even natural disasters. In here you can opt to simply sway your Wii remote in order to create your own whirlwind. Much more you can even destroy your own buildings and even the whole city.

Game 2: Guitar Hero. Should you and your family be musically inclined, you better not miss out in this one of a kind game in Nintendo Wii which is the Guitar Hero. Today, the said game doesn’t only incorporate guitar but it also adds the drum kits and the microphone. Hence, you can be able to play this one along with your family. Let your dad beat the drum and your mom to sing. I’m pretty sure you would all have a blast.

Game 3: Mario Kart Wii. If you would like to have a taste of classic when you play your Wii, the Mario Kart is the best choice there is. In here classic Nintendo characters are present that you can use. You can even personalize your own Mii character and can allow up to eleven opponents. Simply use the Wii wheel which is an add-on accessory from the basic Wii bundle. Along with the wheel and the remote, you can then do different awesome speed tricks by simply shaking the different controls.

These are just some of the many wonderful games you can play with your Wii. Much more these can be definitely enjoyed by the whole family. Thus, what are you waiting for? For that quality time and unlimited fun buy your own Nintendo Wii today.

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 Popular Wii Games For Your Family