The Last Story

One game which I’ve been keeping a close eye on is The Last Story, from Mistwalker Studios. The development company has been responsible for some very well renowned RPGs on the Xbox 360 (ghosts), and is looking to make its mark on the Nintendo Wii perks. The main director of the game is, Hironobu Sakaguchi, who many might not know by name. However, you might recognize his work, as he was the director/producer on the Final Fantasy series and other popular Square Enix series.

The Last Story looks to be a very unique game in the JRPG modern warfare 3 perks arena. The most notable inclusion will be an online multiplayer option which is usually unseen in the genre. The game will contain six player cooperative and competitive modes.

Here are some other bits of news which have been released throughout the year.

- The gameplay system will be action based, and the main hero Elza will use a skill called ‘Gather’. This skill allows players to determine the flow of combat, and attracts monsters to Elza. Other characters will have their own special skills, providing a highly varied experience.

- A replay system was initially developed for the game, but was later scrapped because the developers believed it ruined the flow of combat.

- The battle system will have auto attack turned on by default. Games like MW3 don’t have this, unless they are using the list of perks in ghosts, or killstreaks. This allows players to simply get within the vicinity of a monster in order to attack it, providing concentration more on the overall battle.

- The release date is set for January 27th, 2011. A MW3 US release date has not been announced yet, though many speculate it will be announced soon.

- The Last Story will allow players to climb walls, and many stages will have a vertical feel to them.


Elza – The main hero of The Last Story. Having lost his family when he was younger, he works as a mercenary to survive. He dreams of becoming a knight.

Kanan – Main heroine of The Last Story. She’s a mysterious girl born of noble blood, and is an orphan. She’s adventurous and leaves the comfort of her castle constantly.

Quark – Leader of the mercenary group Elza is a part of, and negotiates their jobs. He’s skilled in combat, and acts as an older brother to mw3 Elza.

Seiren – A strong personality in the group who drinks and has a foul mouth. She lovers her allies though and is dedicated.

Yuris – Youngest member of the group, who is highly skilled in magical combat.

Jackal – Another mage who use ice magic, mw3 perks, but also swords. He’s easygoing and flirtatious but cares about the group.

Manamia – A healer who has an affinity for nature. There’s a secret in regards to her birth.

Gameplay Video:

Stay tuned for further updates. Hopefully a North America release date!

Updated: Whenever an enemy targets a player character, a glowing line is connected between the two. This can be seen in call of duty ghosts multiplayer. These lines will be color coded to designate which type of character is targeted.

Yellow – Fighter type
Purple – Archer type
Red – Wizard type

Source: Siliconera, MW3