When playing Resident Evil 5 with the PlayStation Move, you'll need to spend some time getting used to the controls. The trigger brings up your gun, the large button on the top of the Move controller shoots, and your character movement is handled with the analog stick on the Navigation controller.

Quicker than I expected, I found myself playing it as smoothly as I did with the standard controller. Aiming with the Move is great, as is making a sideways shake to initiate a knife attack. If you've played Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Wii you know what to expect here.

Playing Resident Evil 5 with the Move

This style of play likely won't appeal to everyone, but a free update will be released for gamers who own the Gold version of Resident Evil 5. The reason for that? Move support required a little more in the way of memory resources, and was originally planned for the Gold version. Still, it's going to be quite the treat to be able to revisit what was already a great game.

The press area of Capcom's booth was simple, but featured great games to play

One interesting note: the Move controller didn't control aiming the sniper rifle, and the Capcom representative demoing the game for me didn't know if that was a design decision or just something that has yet to be implemented. It will be interesting if some weapons will utilize Move control while others don't.

Playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3

This was the main event, and the line to play the game outside the press area was long. The interest in this update to the classic fighting game franchise is huge, and when you get your hands on the game, you'll understand why.

The best way to play

It's an amazingly polished and animated fighting game, and creating a team of Wolverine, Dante, and Deadpool from among the pool of available characters at the show was pretty amazing. The press and Capcom reps simply played, gamers competing against one another with some gentle ribbing. There wasn't much in the way of flash once you got inside the Capcom booth; the company very rightly assumed that simply playing the game with a great fighting stick against other people would be enough to sell the press on the game.

The new art style is fantastic, and it does look and feel distinct from the Street Fighter series, especially with the new air combo button that takes the fighting off ground with great frequency. It's an interesting addition, and since it causes air attacks to be the same for every character, they are more likely to be used by more players. That should significantly change gameplay. You can also call in another character to jump in and continue the combo, leading to some very intense juggling.

How will this work out for the competitive-level players? It will take time to find out, but it's a very promising addition to a very beautiful game.

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