I purchased this Wii November 19. After more then 24 hours of use the disc drive stopped working. Here is a video of what happens. UPDATE: I hope this video did not give anyone a bad impression of Nintendo or Wii. This seems to be a small defect that not many people have and hopefully everything will be fixed. Thanks for understanding. ^_^ UPDATE: Called Nintendo November 28. Nintendo said they will send a replacement for the system within 4 days. Recorded the call for records. Nintendo told me that this launch has been good. Not many reports of defective Wii systems. They also said that I was the first to report a system that creates that noise and the first to have one reported that has scratched the Wii disc. Thanks for the support and I hope this news helps rest you assure that Nintendo Wii’s defects like this is rare. UPDATE: New Wii system arrives November 30. ^_^

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 defective Wii

A guys girlfriend is holding back sex from him so he has no choice but to use his interactive Wii Sex game. This was written by Dennis Hemphill and Heather Campbell.

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 Wii Sex