In our preview of Time Crisis: Razing Storm, we noted how awkward it was to hold the Move in its standard position while playing a game that acts as if the Move were the barrel of a gun. Sony's The Shoot has also launched, which makes two promising-looking light gun games on the market. It's time for a peripheral!

Sony sent us its official add-on that turns the Move into something resembling a handgun, and we fell in love almost instantly. You attach the Move by sliding two release tabs on either side of the gun, popping the plastic top off, and then replacing it with the Move inserted. There is a slot in the back for the lanyard if you have it attached, along with a plastic nub that opens in case you'd like to keep the Move attached while charging.

In short, this thing is damn near perfect. It feels good and heavy in your hand, all the buttons are easily accessible—although the start and select buttons on the side need a good amount of pressure to hit—and the trigger is responsive. It even looks attractive, with bold swaths of color and a design that's way more inviting and striking than either the Wii Zapper or the third-party solutions hitting the market.

My only complaint is the flare on the bottom of the handle. My hands aren't large by any stretch of the imagination, but it seemed a little too close to the trigger guard for my taste, and that may make the attachment less comfortable for those with larger hands. After playing both The Shoot and my Time Crisis preview disc using the Shooting Attachment it's clear that if you're a fan of light-gun games you're going to want to buy this. Sony did the right thing: create a peripheral that's better than the third-party options, inexpensive, and official. Bring on Dead Space: Extraction!

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